Minkštas Skystu Silikonu Soft Case For iPhone 12 11 Pro Max Mini X R S XS XR 7 8 Plus SE 2020 iPhone12 12Pro Prabangus Telefonas, Pilnas draudimas


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  • Funkcija 1: Minkšto Silikono Atveju iPhone, 11 6.1 colių
  • Funkcija 8: Skystu Silikonu Soft Case For iPhone 7 8
  • Funkcija 6: Minkštas Silicio Atveju iPhone XR
  • 2 funkcija: Silicio Atveju iPhone, 11 Pro
  • Dizainas: Įvairių Spalvų Minkšto Silicio Gumos Atveju
  • 4 funkcija: TPU atsparus smūgiams Silicio Atveju iPhone XS Max
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • 3 funkcija: Silikono Atveju iPhone, 11 Pro Max
  • Funkcija: Antidetonaciniai
  • Funkcija 5: Prabanga Atveju iPhone XS/X
  • Medžiaga: Aplinkos Ir Netoksiška Skystu Silikonu
  • Funkcija 7: Silicio TPU Case For iPhone 7 8 Plius
  • Funkcija 9: Mados Soft Case For iPhone 6 6S Plius iPhon
  • Savybės: Švelnus Skystis Silikono Guma Atveju
  • dydis: 6.1
  • Suderinamos Prekės: "Apple ""iphone".
  • Tipas: Įrengtas Atveju
  • Suderinamo "iPhone" Modelis: iPhone12 Pro Max
  • Funkcija 10: Mados Soft Case For iPhone 6 6S

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The cover is good, black matte. To him, I still got the same matte ring. Delivery about a month was.
Doker 95
Disappointed with the work of the Russian Post, the order was delivered to Russia already 12.08.2020, at the perm Post Office did not know when, but 08.09.2020 information message came that you can get in the Russian post office. 09.09.2020 in the morning came for the order, I was told that yesterday, 08.09.2020 sent back to China, the delivery time was until 07.09.2020. Contacted the seller, according to his information, the order in the Russian post office, they sent me another tracking number, went to the Russian post office again. As it was possible to persuade the operator to re-check the availability of the order, another tracking number was not useful-look at the address in the passport. And here is a miracle, the order was found, received. What to add..., no words, half a day went to ....