4.5 cm Storio Vienintelis Namas Šlepetės Vyrams, Moterims, neslidžia Vonios kambarys Avalynė Berniukams, Mergaitėms Mėgėjams Fifo Vasaros Paplūdimio Sandalai


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€4.93 €3.26



  • Pritaikymas: Tinka tikrosios dydžio, imtis savo įprastinį dydį
  • Batai Tipas: Skaidrės
  • Moterų Vasaros Mados Šlepetės: Skaidrių Sandalai Beach Skaidres Fifo Animacinių Filmų Šypsena
  • Modelio Tipas: Kietas
  • Sezonas: Vasaros
  • Batviršio Medžiaga: PU
  • Pamušalas: PU
  • Su Platformomis: No
  • Vidpadžio Medžiaga: EVA
  • Mados Elementas: Sekli
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: Menore
  • Taikoma Vieta: Patalpų
  • Padas Medžiaga: EVA
  • Kulno Tipas: Butas su
  • Kulno Aukštis: Mažas (1cm-3cm)
  • Modelio Numeris: Skaidrių Sandalai

Žymos: Šlepetės, Batai, Pigios Šlepetės, Aukštos Kokybės Batai, Šlepetės.


Chrischris Timao
I am very happy with the product! I 've been using them for a few days and they're really comfortable, soft and light. My foot is 24 cm. And I ordered size 38/39, they fit me very well even on the instep. The color is just like the first image, it's a very nice orange. It took 1 month and 1 week to arrive in Peru. The seller communicated twice. Thank you very much! I'm glad with the product. I 've been wearing them for a few days and they're really comfortable, soft and lightweight. My feet measure is 24 cm. And order it 38/39, they fit very well even in the installation. The color is just like the first picture, it's a really nice orange. It takes 1 month and 1 week to arrive to Peru. The seller contacted me twice. Thank you very much!
Quar Css
It was just a dog for how long. ordered on October 15. Got on January 12th!!! They must have been walking. The seller extended the waiting period. Also suddenly, the order has a status-delivered. Although the parcel was not received by me. Because of this, it got the employees of the post office. Sneaker norms, but narrow, not on a wide leg.
Uliana 06 00
Liked the sneakers and with the size of everything is fine, 40 feet ordered the size 40-41.
Super comfortable, identical to publication, very good communication with seller, fully satisfied
Mashusik 90
Orange color Terracotta, cute, yellow and black also Super, very comfortable, but you need to believe in Specification manufacturer, and do not take size on wyrost only according to the size chart :) I unfortunately wzięłam larger and are for me the extensive and gubię them. Benefit men home, place order again suitable size. Very thank because little long czekałam but was worth!